The Evolution of a Small Business Mindset

Posted by Hannah Catherine on

Building a business is tough. It's hard work. It take determination, focus, and a creative mind. Having a creative idea is one thing, but attempting to build that idea into a successful business is another. All the small details of building a business add up and it always takes more organization and time than you originally anticipate. 

I'm a dreamer. Always have been and always will be. I live in two worlds, the world as I believe it could be and the world as it is. While this definitely has its advantages, it also comes with some major disadvantages. As an entrepreneur, it has caused me to create unrealistic expectations for my business. When these expectations are not met, I feel as if I have failed as a business owner. Setting unrealistic expectations for my business has not helped me succeed and it is not a winning mindset.

For my business, a winning mindset involves setting realistic goals and being determined to meet them. It means finding a balance between challenging myself to reach the next level while also keeping my dreamer tendencies in check. This is something I have always struggled with and while I love the fact that I am a dreamer, I realize that in order for it to be a strength, I must learn to control it. Finding balance has helped me ensure that my strengths do not become my weaknesses.

My mindset is continually evolving as I discover new ways to capitalize on my strengths and work on my weaknesses. I have found that learning to use outside motivators as a way to provide meaning for what I do has been a huge strength. Outside motivators have allowed me to work towards something bigger than myself. It has driven me to succeed at higher levels, because it has given me a new sense of purpose. Find the purpose for your business and use that to help create a winning business mindset. 

My mindset has continually evolved, just as my business and life have. What started as a small side business in college, is now beginning to grow into a full time job. As I have continued to grow, my purpose for Hannah Catherine's has changed. Its purpose is now influenced by providing for a future family and helping support my local children's hospital. I have learned to make sure that my strengths do not become my weaknesses and most importantly, I have learned that having a stagnant mindset leads to stagnant results. 

I am still a very new entrepreneur. I do not have the answers to everything, but I do know that starting any business requires a positive mindset. Recognize your strengths and capitalize on them. Make the purpose for your business larger than yourself. These things will ultimately help you achieve at higher levels. There's nothing like the thrill of starting your own business! 

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