Chevron Ring Set

  • $9.75

This knuckle ring set consists of two chevron knuckle rings and two simply round knuckle rings. They are all made from non-tarnish silver wire. Additionally, these rings can be slightly adjusted, which allows you to easily move from knuckle to knuckle! I know many people often wonder, "how do I find the right size for a knuckle ring?" Well, if you are wondering, please see what I have written below and it might help you find your size.

{Knuckle Ring Sizing}

A trick to finding a general size for your knuckle rings is by taking the your normal ring size and subtracting it by 3. For example, my ring finger is a size 6, so the approximate size of my knuckle ring would be a 3. However, this is just an estimate and does not always work for everyone, since we are all born with unique and beautiful hands. Even though my estimated knuckle ring size is a 3 for my ring finger, I like to make it a little smaller. :) Hope that helps.

{Jewelry Packaging}

Each ring is neatly placed in a small jewelry box, which can be seen on the last picture, then packaged safely into a small bubble envelope to keep it protected on its journey to the customer! :)


Due to the individuality and handmade nature of each ring, no one ring is identical to the other. This makes each ring I create completely unique. The quality of each individual ring is extremely important, which is why great time, care, and effort is put into making each ring.


Feel free to contact me anytime. I am always open and ready to answer any questions or suggestions you may have. I will return your messages in a timely fashion, usually within 24 hours or less.


Please be sure to familiarize yourself with our shipping details and shop policies before making a purchase. I value each customer's experience and want you to enjoy the ring as much as I enjoy creating them, so if you have any questions or concerns please contact me.


When you buy this ring, not only are you looking fashionable and beautiful, but you are also helping children at my local Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. When making this business, I decided to use 10% of my profits to help and encourage the children at the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.